Monday, May 04, 2009

By Golly...'s almost as if the Chinese have figured out that he only way out of Obama's insane deficit spending is to completely devalue the dollar and crush the holders of Treasuries.

I still continue to be entertained by the Obama supporters who somehow see no problem with racking up record deficits and piling on a load of debt that will burden us for generations (or at least until we inflate ourselves out of it, which is what will likely be Obama's plan).  This country needs some fiscal sanity and Obama and the Congress have moved us so far from fiscal sanity that we should all be deeply concerned.  And, no, you cannot argue against this by pointing at Bush.  His spending plans angered many conservatives (including me), but they are nothing compared to what Obama is proposing.

It's truly scary.

UPDATE: Good Op-Ed on our inflationary future from yesterday's New York Times.

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