Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mark This Date

For on this date, I say something I rarely say.

Hooray for the New York Times.  Today they called for Tom Daschle to withdraw his name from consideration as Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Daschle is an absolute train wreck of a nomination.  Does anybody really believe he didn't realize that a car service he used 80% of the time for personal use was a taxable benefit?  Or that he just innocently overstated his charitable contributions and "misplaced" the proof?  Or that he claimed deductions for contributions to groups that did not qualify?

That's just the tip of the iceberg.  More worrying is the fact that Daschle has effectively been an unregistered lobbyist for the past four years.  He's not an attorney, so what was he doing at a law firm that does legal work and lobbying?  Given the number of exceptions to his "no lobbyist" rule, you have to wonder if Obama really does understand that you can't just run a government on symbolic gestures.  It doesn't mean anything if you ban lobbyists and then make a billion exceptions.

Daschle must withdraw or Obama's credibility will be taking a serious hit.

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Tony Alva said...

Mark calender... Check. A rare moment indeed. I haven't made my rounds on the news sites but if they want to dispell any of the 'Myth' of lib leaning MSM here's their chance.

MSM: Close your eyes and imagine it's a Bush pick. Pounce tigers, pounce! SWARM, SWARM!!!