Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And So It Begins

I have no love whatsoever for Hillary Clinton and I don't think she has a real shot at being President, but when I read this I can already see the line of attack that is developing against her for 2008.

I am sure that this report is true, but only because it makes basic political sense. What candidate does not demand that his family stay in line during an election season? It's basic.

I also know that for a woman, this type of "control" over her man will be used to portray Hillary as a shrew. If the roles were reversed, I don't think anybody would bat an eyelid if they heard that a man was telling his wife that he has the final say when running for President. In fact, I doubt there would even be a story.

So, on this limited subject, I sympathize with the battle Hillary has to fight. It's depressing.


Tony Alva said...

Interesting... I did not know about Bill's consulting with the Dubai company thing. Never saw it on the nat'l news.

Your really don't think Hillary stands a chance on getting the nom? She's rasing a shit load of cash. I kinda think she's going to power through the doubters amongst her party, but what do I know.

You may find this shocking, but I really don't dislike Hillary. A McCain/Hillary race would be something for the ages. They both seem to face the same challenges getting their parties nom though.

Dave Cavalier said...

She may get the nomination, but I don't think she will win. She has the Giuliani problem - she's just not a friendly, pleasant person (at least in her public face, I can't speak about her private life).

Then again, I don't think the nomination is a lock either. From what I have seen, she polls poorly, even amongst Dems. I also think there may be a little "dynasty" fatigue. 32 years with Presidents named Reagan, Clinton or Bush? People are probably tired.

I am pretty sure that the Dubai consulting was reported on. I knew about it before this article.

Chrispy said...

I think she's got a pretty good chance at the nomination - who else is there?

Then again, there's such a deeply rooted hatred of Hillary - even in Dems (I'm sure one or two will call her a lesbian in these comments), that I just don't know.

But if she does get nominated, watch out. She's gonna get more shit than probably any other Presidential candidate ever. The double standards are going to be amazing.

It'll be a great example of just how deeply rooted sexism still is.

Tony Alva said...

mmmmm... Lesbians.

Jackson said...

Double the standard - double the fun!

She has her work cut out for her, that's for sure. It will be interesting, no doubt.

I wonder if anybody will use her failed marriage to Dennis Rodman against her.

hazmat said...

Maybe she could run with Dan Quayle. The Hilly and Skippy Show.

Dfactor said...

I'm ready for "President Cavalier" - now THAT's got a fuckin' RING to it!

Now back to drinking at Anotherroom.

Dave Cavalier said...

Dfactor -

In a few years.


Tony Alva said...

Holy shit, can you imagine the WMD's in the Whitehouse?

With the exception of your anti-Stones position, you'd make an interesting candidate sho 'nuff.