Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Disappointing news on the MagDog front today.  The tumor has grown again, which means that the current cocktail of chemo is not having an effect.  

We are switching to a new drug (doxil - a liposomal form of doxorubicin) tomorrow and we will check in two weeks to see if that works.  There is another chemo option beyond that.  If neither of these work, we'll have to roll the dice with radiation therapy.  Radiation is better targeted and is generally more effective at killing large amounts of tumor, but the radiation can also damage surrounding tissue and we are talking about the heart here.  If we get to the radiation option, we are making the gamble that the side effects will be low.

It's a bit of a blow, but Maggie is still otherwise normal.  Her heart and lungs are fine and she is not in any obvious discomfort.

Sadly, this is not an April Fool's post.  I wish it were.

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Tony Alva said...

Sorry to hear this Dave... Keep your chin up. From the effort and dedication you've given this dog, I'd vote you the best owner a dog could ever ask for.