Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My God, They Were Serious

A few weeks ago I was at a dinner which included one of the propaganda ministers...er, media relations experts for MoveOn.org.  In the midst of his other idiotic drivel, he mentioned that Republicans would be surprised when Democrats started attacking McCain on his war experience.  He claimed that was going to be a major part of the Democrats' strategy.  His reasoning was that it had worked for the Republicans with Kerry.

For obvious reasons, I took this as the baseless conjecture of a political hack.  The idea is so daffy that I thought he was joking.

It turns out, he was serious.

If they are truly planning on taking this tack, watch for a McCain landslide in November.  This has to be one of the most foolhardy approaches I can imagine.  

Note to Democrats: When one of the biggest challenges facing your party is the perception among swing voters that you are vaguely anti-American, trying to hit a guy who was tortured in a POW camp is probably not the way to go.

Also, if you are going to send out somebody to try this strategy, try not to have him sound like a complete idiot.  Fighter pilots in 1967 were dropping laser-guided bombs from 35,000? (Laser guided bombs were not deployed in Vietnam until the year after McCain was shot down.) 


Tony Alva said...

It's embarassing really...

You know all this shit is going to air out. The shit Kerry got etc... Forget the Swift Boaters, Kerry's big assface mistake was throwing his medals (if they were even his) over the White House fence along with all the BS he perpetuated about run away "Mai Lei" incidents happening all over SE Asia. I cringe watching the news reels. He should've just copped to being young and dumb and moved on.

I'm actually hoping that this campaign will be about substantive debate of the issues that face us vs. this kind crap. I think John McCain is ready to keep it about issues as long as Obama is.

Jackson said...

Hey, I'm as anti-American as the next guy, and even I see this as ass think. If Dems want to pull a reverse swift boat on McCain, they should do it like the Republicans, the originators, and flat out make up terrible lies about the man, then get a bunch of down on their luck vets to say it's true.

Jeez, get it right.

Off with their heads! Everybody's.