Thursday, April 24, 2008

MagDog Princess of Power!

Got the good news yesterday that the new chemo regimen has managed to shrink Maggie's tumor.  This is the first time that we have seen an actual reduction in the tumor, so it is very exciting news.  Since sarcomas are very fast-growing, you can tell pretty quickly if the drugs are working.

We get the next look in three weeks.  Although I'd love to see a further reduction, I'd be very happy with stable disease (i.e., no progression) as she is essentially healthy otherwise.



Dfactor said...

Good news, Misanthrope! Glad to hear it.

Tony Alva said...

OUTSTANDING! Must be a relief to see some progress.

My sister is actually doing pretty well with her chemo so far. It knocks her for a loop during the two days of treatment, but she is up and about for the remaining part of the two week cycle. She is however experiencing small petimal blackouts though.

The MagDog running into walls, or feeling like side effects?

Dave Cavalier said...

No side effects yet for MagDog, but they don't give dogs the high doses that they give to humans.

My Mom had a similar experience (to your sister's) with chemo when she went through it fifteen years ago. She would get home and sleep for huge stretches and then she'd be back. Cassidy, our lovely old golden retriever, would never leave her side. He was a great dog.

Jackson said...

I expect cancer's ass to be kicked by both parties.