Friday, April 04, 2008

Aces High

Holy Crap! The Misanthrope, he loves him some Iron Maiden, but he also loves him some flying. I had no idea that Bruce Dickinson is an ATP-rated pilot with a type rating for the Boeing 757!

Yeah, Bruce and the Misanthrope would be great friends.


Tony Alva said...

That plane so severely kicks ass it probably gets take off/landing priority at all airports around the world. Perhaps a Misathrope/Jackson/TA trip to MSG for the June show(s) is in order?

Dave Cavalier said...

I was just emailing Jackson about this.

MSG has tix available for the show on the 15th, but they are all side of the stage. Would you prefer that or a trip to Camden on June 17th where there are direct line of sight tickets still availble?

Jackson said...

Do you fence as well? How good do you look in spandex? Ever wear a peacock feather mask?