Friday, January 20, 2006

Whale Song

A whale has been spotted in the Thames.

Facts about whales*:

- Largest mammal
- Lives at the top of the sea
- Cannot breathe underwater
- This is why it has a blow hole

* Source - The Whale Song, (c) 1999 D. Cavalier


Chrispy said...

Sounds like a beautiful song.

"This is why is has a blow hole" is very funny.

Dave Cavalier said...

I am now convinced that it may end up being my major artistic contribution to this place.

hazmat said...

If I remember the info correctly, in the science of music Discovery documentary, the structures of whale songs are the same as human songs, and they rhyme.

Chrispy said...

Ken, by that I assume you mean they use the traditional ABACAB structure.

I'm interested in whale rhyming, though. How does that work?

hazmat said...

That's what I don't remember exactly, if it was something like that structure, or something like 3/4. I will bring a copy of the DVD for you guys next time I see you. It's really interesting.

Chrispy said...

Whales love a good waltz.

Dave, is The Whale Song a waltz?

Dave Cavalier said...

I sent it to your smoke and mirrors email.

It's in 4/4

Jackson said...

They say this particular whale is ill, but I think he's just mad for brit pop. Blur is very popular with aquatic mamalia.

Chrispy said...

Damn - Windows media player won't play the m4a.

I can't download iTunes onto this machine.

I'll have to wait 'till I get to the studio to hear it....


You got an mp3?

hazmat said... - VLC will play almost format. Also Quicktime will play them.

Dave Cavalier said...

The whale is there because Roger Waters was not at home in Switzerland and he wants to talk.

Jackson said...

Whales are known socialists after all.

Chrispy said...

I think Roger may be residing in New York these days... i may be wrong.

I listened to "The Whale Song" at the studio, in all of its m4a glory.

Truly beautiful, timeless, touching.

I already feel closer to my mammalian brothers who live in the sea.