Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Cancer Beagle

The echocardiagram showed that the main tumor mass was unchanged.  There was a tiny amount of progression in one small area, but nothing like the out of control growth that sarcomas usually exhibit.  For all intents and purposes, she still has stable disease.  

The vet told me that her heart is still excellent and he is quite amazed at how fit she is.  In fact, the tumor isn't actually having any noticeable effect on heart function.  It's like a bit of extra flesh on the muscle, but it's not actually doing anything.  This doesn't mean we can leave it untreated, but it does make me feel like the chemo regimen is worth the effort.  If Maggie were sluggish and in clear discomfort, it would be clear that the chemo was for me, not for her.

As Scottish Lass said last night, "Maggie doesn't know she has cancer." 

It's true.  Outside of a skin rash that drove her a little batty last week, she's perfectly normal.  At the moment, she is on the rug playing with two bones - hers and the one she stole from Wallace.

Some things never change.


Tony Alva said...

Poor Wallace, I hope he's not forgotten in all this. We need some recent pics of these two ding-a-lings.

On the Atlanta dog front, we have confirmed that Molly the doxie can swim. This past weekend she was resting on my fat belly while I floated on my raft drinking my beer during the ten seconds of relaxation I get before the kid jumps in and chaos ensues. Mrs. Alva said it was time to find out so she picked her up and she immediately splayed her little chicken wing arms and legs. Once she was fully in the water, off she went like a Los Angles class submarine towards the pool stairs.

Of course, now she won't come anywhere near the pool when anyone is in it.

Jackson said...

Cancer has it's work cut out for it going up against Mags. Her Kung Fu is better than Cancer's Kung Fu.