Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Guess Those 18 Months Made the Difference

Jimmy Carter in November 2006 arguing that Obama doesn't have the experience to be the President yet.


Tony Alva said...

I wonder if Andrew Loyd Webber and Tim Rice will make a musical around this guy too. Geez...

The Sunday Atlanta Journal had a FOUR page expose' on the diety including a FULL PAGE head shot. I've never witnessed anything like this since attending an Ozzy show in 1981 on the Blizzard of Oz Tour where the whole crowd was chanting "Ozzy is God!"

stinkrock said...

Jimmy Carter is one of the most ineffective presidents ever to serve the office of President. Yet you use him as a resource on the efficacy of Obama as a President.

I get it--you don't want Obama as President. And frankly, McCain is a much more palatable option than our current president. But your arguments are lazy.

Dave Cavalier said...

Mike -

I believe the thrust of the post was that even the people who are now endorsing Obama were honest enough just a few months ago, before he became the Messiah, to acknowledge that a guy who was in the state legislature for a few years and only a couple of years in the Senate is not really ready to be President. I don't like Carter's policies, but you can't argue that the guy isn't familiar with what it takes to be President. Which is why I find his sudden adoration for Obama funny in light of the skepticism he displays here. What changed? Nothing, other than Obama caught fire as a candidate. He hasn't gained any more experience.

You're right. I don't want Obama as President. And I am allowed to say it on my blog as many times and in as many ways as I like. I think the hype around this guy has gotten to such a pitch that I have no idea how any human being could ever live up to it.

With all due respect, Mike, you seem to get very upset with my political comments, but you never engage. You just sit on the sidelines and hurl silly comments like, "your arguments are lazy". You offer no detailed criticism or facts of your own. That's just argument by assertion and it's not going to get you very far with me.

If you want a deep, substantive debate, go for it. But until then, just don't read the political posts if they get you so angry.