Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FedEx Are Lying Scumbags

Today I gave up on a package that FedEx was supposed to be delivering for the past 2 weeks.  I just told them to send that shit back if they couldn't be adults and figure some way for me to get it other than my going out to Brooklyn.  What's the point of paying for FedEx if I have to go to Brooklyn to get my package?

The package was 2 replacement batteries for my laptop (don't even get me started on the "MacBook Pro Shitty Battery" issue).  The issue was that Apple requires a signature to deliver the package.  Usually, this problem is solved by signing the little door tag they leave when you aren't home.  When the delivery man sees it the next day, he can leave your package.

Except, as I learned today from an idiotic supervisor at FedEx, Apple asks them not to allow that because they don't want packages left outside the door.  Which is why there was no package after I signed it and left it on my door for two days.  It would have been nice of them to tell me that earlier.

Then there was last week, where the tracking page said that the delivery man had made two attempts to deliver - on a day when I was in the apartment all day long.  So, lying scumbag #1 right there.  Also, let's add on the FedEx call center woman who told me the package would be on the truck, so I should be sure to be at home that day.  Lying scumbag #2

Then there was the nice operator on Friday who told me that she would have it left at the FedEx facility on Leroy Street, which is pretty close to me.  Except that, as I learned today, you can't do that because it was a "Home Delivery" package, not a "Business Package."  So, lying scumbag #3.

What's the point of this rant?  For one, I am actually really fucking pissed off.  It's a little ridiculous to use FedEx and then not get the package for 13 days.  I am also really annoyed that they claimed to make delivery attempts when I was there and knew they didn't actually try.  And it's also annoying that operators for FedEx would suggest solutions for the package that were not possible.

So, if you are ordering something from Apple on line and you might not be around for a signature, be sure to request that it be delivered USPS, because FedEx is a bunch of lying morons.


Tony Alva said...

Tell me more about the Macbook Pro shitty battery issue :-)

Dave Cavalier said...

I will tell you as much as you want...over the crashing guitars of IRON MAIDEN on Sunday...

Jackson said...

I always have my packages delivered to a business, my job, my girl's, anything to avoid the trip to bumfuck Brooklyn.

I have made that trip twice. They decided to put the damn depot in the least accessible part of the city.


Tony Alva said...

Dave, I can't wait. I'm even letting dickheads bum me out at work to curtail my excitement. I think we're going over to S&M Friday night after Jackson swings by the airport and picks me up to fart around if you've got nothing kicking. There will be GOOD scotch, perhaps some 2 Buck Chuck too. Maybe if Chrispy shows up we can piss him off by spinning IM favs. I'm pretty sure he's not a fan.

stinkrock said...

I know you're pissed if you're recommending that people use the USPS.

Next time, go to Tekserve on West 23rd? 26th? Much less crowded than the Apple stores, and the service is really good.