Monday, June 23, 2008


I was at the vet today with the MagDog.  She was there for an echocardiagram to look at her heart and determine if there is any increase or reduction in the tumor mass.  Still waiting on the results.  While sitting in the waiting room, I saw on CNN that Amy Winehouse has early-stage emphysema.  This is absolutely mind-boggling.  She's 24 years old.  We're talking about a disease that is most prevalent in people 65 and older and usually doesn't present until the 50s.  

The other thing about it is that it is irreversible.  And she is already down to 70% lung capacity.  

I don't really know her music but I have heard raves all around.  I am just finding it hard to conceive how somebody so young could have done so much damage to her lungs so quickly.  It's absolutely extraordinary and very sad.

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Tony Alva said...

Smoking rock my man. That'll do it.

We're all keeping good thoughts for the Maddog...