Friday, October 24, 2008

Hugo's Problems

Oil drops below $65 a barrel, even after a 1.5MM barrel/day cut by OPEC.  I expect it to drop further.

Whom does this hurt?  Everybody's favorite jerk, Huge Chavez.  It will be interesting to watch him keep his grip on power when he cannot count on high oil prices to pay for his bread and circuses approach to government.  I'd say it's 50/50 he's thrown out within 18 months.


Tony Alva said...

Funny, I was thinking the same thing about him and the Saad's as I drove past gas stations this morning selling regular for less than $2.50 a gallon. It's not like it wouldn't have happened anyway, but it was the run up in gas prices that kicked off the mess we're in now. Without anything whatsoever to point to other than my gut, I also think this country will NOT be going back to our previous gas guzzling ways. I'm feeling that we've learned our lesson, at least I hope we have. With any luck the airlines will get a break with this.

I'd love to see dickface Hugo out on the streets. I guess Barack will dodge a bullet by not having to sit down with his retarded ass.

Dave Cavalier said...

Today I saw something I've actually never seen before. I was filling up at the Hess Station on the River Styx, as we call our local, and I saw the woman come out and change the prices on the pumps. Regular came down $0.30 in one fell swoop. Unreal.

One really nice dividend of all this is that the price of 100LL or AvGas, which is what my plane uses, has dropped massively. At a fuel burn of 13 gallons per hour in cruise flight, the savings is huge.

DM said...

Enough about Gas - what about that gasbag McCain?

Stake in the coffin!

Dave Cavalier said...

But Dave, McCain's crazy, erratic behavior is WHY I want him as President. With Obama, every leader knows he will roll over and not use force. With McCain, they will all be sweating at night, wondering if McCain is going to have a Vietnam flashback and launch some random nukes!

The ultimate deterrent!