Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Global Warming

I've found that this site is pretty good for addressing the scientific debate surrounding global warming (or "climate change," as it is now called).

I found it particularly helpful in addressing a recent column by George Will that cited articles from the 1970s claiming that we were in the grip of global cooling. Also, I found a debunking of the claim that there were computational errors in the "hockey stick" model of global temperature change.

There is no doubt that the site is of the opinion that there is sufficient scientific data to support the theory that human activity is contributing to an increase in the temperature of the earth. While that typically implies a certain political stance, the site restricts itself to references to the current scientific literature and generally avoids politically charged descriptions of human behavior.

Worth spending some time there, especially if you have some skepticism about global warming and would like a view of the current scientific thinking.


Tony Alva said...

I am one who thirsts for REAL information about this topic, but is too lazy to read enough of the data to draw a conclusion on my own. I will admit to being somewhat skeptical since I don't think mankind has been studying the science of our planet and solar system long enough to really know what the impact of other astronomical variables (i.e. the sun's behavior, the reversal of the earth' magnetic field, etc...) have on our planet's climate. Hell, I've still not heard a conclusive theory that explains the ice ages yet.

Despite this, I think we're extremely fool hearted not to believe that our species is not contributing to the problem somehow, and that's when the evils of man make it all political. I'm with Chris on this one, money and greed are prevent us form taking measures that at the very least improve our planets survivability.

Chrispy said...

Global warming is like evolution. There's no question that it's real, the debate is why and how it happens... and yet there are still those who aren't "convinced".

Interesting site.

It's unbelievable that people make this a purely political issue, draw their line in the sand, and deny the science.

Funny, I do believe money and greed contribute to our spoiling of the environment, but I believe very strongly in the Earth's survivability regardless. I think our planet will be around much longer than we will. We're just another thing happening to it, no better or worse than a meteor or earthquake. It's for purely selfish reasons that I think we should be nicer to our environment - ie, I'd like to be able to breathe the air.

Jackson said...

"the site restricts itself to references to the current scientific literature and generally avoids politically charged descriptions of human behavior."

Glad they saved that bit for us.

Alas, is seems we all agre - drat!

It comes down to this; enjoy the now, or save tomorrow.

Chris is right, the earth itself will survive, and so will plenty of life - just not us, at least not the way we are now, and maybe that's a good thing.