Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Best. Show. Ever.

The Misanthrope admits to having been down in the dumps a bit lately, what with the car problems and the persistent presence of people. But that mood was changed last night when he sat down with the final series of Blackadder starring Rowan Akinson. This is the one called "Blackadder Goes Forth" and it is set in the trenches of World War I.

It's pure genius. Hugh Laurie is brilliant as George, the idiotic public school boy. Stephen Fry is hilarious as Gen. Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett. The writing is the best of all the Blackadders series.

Get it, Darling.


Jackson said...

Love Blackadder, even more than Mr. Bean. I like my comedy like I like my news - with a brit accent.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say your mood was changed for the better after you sat down for dinner with Grubzilla, Bride of Brubzilla, and Earnest Bradley. Imagine my surprise when it wasn't until you were on the couch that your mood changed!!

Dave Cavalier said...

Yeah, uh, that too. Dinner with Grubzilla always gets me smiling.