Thursday, November 03, 2005

Catholics Made a Monkey Out of Me

Following up on an earlier post about the sad delusions and sophistry of the Kansas Board of Education, I note with approval that the Vatican has urged Catholics to listen to modern science, lest they turn into "fundamentalists."

I'm certainly no big fan of the Roman Catholic church (full disclosure: I am an Episcopalian), but this is a worthy statement and deserves recognition.


Jackson said...

You know there's a problem when the catholic Church is more progressive in it's thinking than you (or your President) is.

Full disclosure: Catholic upbringing, agnostic lifestyle.

Dave Cavalier said...

Yeah, that's pretty scary. At the very least, it was encouraging to see the Church recognize a division between theology and science and call them separate disciplines.

Where's the Left of the Dial podcast???

Tony Alva said...

It took what, 500 years for the Vatican to finally "pardon" Galileo, but after I finished laughing about it, I did recognize what an impact it was on the global scale. Now if they’d just get squared away on the gays and birth control deal I’d be more inclined to listen to them on the whole duality of Jesus thing.

Full disclosure: Catholic upbringing, agnostic lifestyle as well.

Jackson said...

Sorry Dave - been busy, I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for a week of Pharma business meetings. I'll get on it when I get back - if Chris hasn't taken care of it by then.