Thursday, December 08, 2005

Strikes Again! Tonight

MikeDot's band Strikes Again! is playing tonight at CBGB.

Show starts at 9 P.M. sharp.

I can only describe the band thus: When they start to crank, it's like being in the middle of a hell disaster.

Check it out.


Chrispy said...

I will try to be there, but as I explained to MikeDot I have to go to the Better Half's Work Related Holiday Gathering beforehand. This involves the most vegetarian and artery unfriendly eating one could imagine - giant hunks of meat, on skewers, brought to your plate by knife wielding maniacs one after another.

Recycled joke alert - I told Mike I was really hoping to make it to the show and looking forward to a CBEKGB.

stinkrock said...

Strikes Again!
There's an exclamation point!
Thanks for the plug!

Dave Cavalier said...

I'm too tired for such youthful excitement.

There are no exclamation points in my life anymore.

stinkrock said...

me, me, me. there's one in my band name.

The '!' does not connote youthful excitement. It connotes, among other things, "holy shit! Chris Pace is having a heart attack right there on the floor of CBGB!"

Dave Cavalier said...

Hey, I fixed it, biotch.

Settle down.

Chrispy said...

We all know there's no "I" in "Exclamation" or "Team."

Dave, I believe that somewhere, deep inside, there's an exclamation point just waiting to get out.

Exclaim! Exclaim!

Chrispy said...

shit, there is an "i"


Dave Cavalier said...

Chris -

Put another way, there's no "me" in team.

Oh wait, yes there is.

stinkrock said...

This discussion reminds me of this foolproof method for firing someone/breaking up with someone:

BOSS/GIRLFRIEND: Look, Peaches, I'm not trying to be an asshole. What I'm trying to say is - there's no 'me' in team.

PEACHES/BOYFRIEND: Uh, yes there is.

BOSS/GIRLFRIEND: Oh, right, right. I guess what I meant to say is, there's no 'you' in team. Get out.