Friday, December 09, 2005

Ted Wilson Molests Afghani War Orphans

Or something like that.

There is no need for Ted to worry. The Misanthrope starts from the position of hating all humanity. There is no additional anger at Ted for his theatrical comments. My response was more the weariness of somebody who doesn't have any interest in debating his friends in that way. Also, I really do believe that Ted listens to the arguments and I found his original post in response kind of interesting.

Everybody relax. Ted and I are still capable of making a cup of International Foods Swiss Mocha Mint, grabbing a pint of Haagen-Daze and settling onto the couch to talk about relationships and watch the Ally McBeal marathon on the Oxygen network.

Oh, for the record, seven of my ancestors fought in the Revolution so you pinkos could have this conversation with me.



Tony Alva said...

"Oh, for the record, seven of my ancestors fought in the Revolution so you pinkos could have this conversation with me."

No shit! I've got Nathanial Greene and Israel Putnum in my blood. Why don't the Alva's own a crap load of land in the Hudson Valley? Maybe I should pursue a claim.

Dave Cavalier said...

That is the exact question I ask all the time. There's a mountain in New York State named after my Mom's family but some dumb ass ancestor sold off the logging rights, so it is worthless.

Thanks Azariah or Isaacar or whichever of you screwed that one up.

Actually, when I rented a beach house this past summer, it turned out I was renting it from a distant relation. Wild.

Where's my money????

Chrispy said...

Yeah, well, none of my family members were here before the 20th Century.

That being said, I had an uncle who lost a leg in WWI and another uncle who picked up pieces of GI's as a helicopter medic in 'Nam.

I consider myself much more of a socialist than a commie, but tell your ancestors "thank you very much" all the same.

(Speaking of socialism - Tony Alva will appreciate this one - I was watching the Classic Albums' "Dark Side of the Moon" DVD yesterday and, as always, was greatly amused by Roger Waters' little speech about having to decide if you're REALLY a socialist once the money starts rolling in....)

Tony Alva said...

I love that Water's quote too.

Not to many socialists who own Neve/SSL consoles, Avalon's, Focusrites, Distressors, etc...

Maybe Roger's an Audio Gear Exception Socialist whereby he distributes his personnal wealth amongst the masses only AFTER he buys nice gear for his studio.

Wonder what kind of car he drives?


I was thinking that I would go up to West Point and lay claim to Ft. Putnam and build me a big ole' house smack dab in the middle of it with a studio in the basement. The view from up there would just be heaven.

Who's gonna stop me?

Dave Cavalier said...

Given that Waters moved to Switzerland to avoid UK taxes, I think we know what his personal answer to that question was.

Chrispy said...

When the hell did Roger Waters live in Switzerland?

Dave Cavalier said...

He moved there in the 1970s to avoid UK taxes. In fact, he wrote most of The Wall in Switzerland.

Jackson said...

This particular 'commie' has some serious service to our nation clogging up his family tree. Four generations of West Point grads (sadly, we hit the end of the line with the current generation, we're all commies now), and a great uncle who captured Zapatta.

Afghani War Orphans are hot, dude.