Friday, December 09, 2005

The Tao of Chuck

This site had me laughing pretty hard.

It reminded me of the time I was on vacation in Anguilla in 2001. We were in a cab from the ferry dock to our hotel, when the cab driver turned to us and pointed to a modern, white house on the beach. (BTW, the beaches in Anguilla are incredible). He had been pointing out various points of interest throughout the trip. With evident pride, he told us this was Chuck Norris' house. I was kind of surprised that Chuck Norris was considered worthy of this kind of civic boosterism, but I've never seen anything with him in it, so I acknowledged this landmark with a nod and a smile.

If only I had known his power. It's now clear that the comment was not said out of pride, but out of fear that Chuck would deliver a roundhouse kick to the taxi driver's head.


Chrispy said...


Have you ever seen Conan O'Brien's (that's some wacked puncuation) lever that allows him to play random clips of "Walker, Texas Ranger"?

Every moment of Chuck Norris on screen is pure magic.

He has chunks of people like us in his stool.

Dave Cavalier said...

I'm serious. I've never seen anything with Chuck Norris.

I need to get on Netflix and fix that, I guess.

Chrispy said...

Oh man, you gotta catch some "Walker, Texas Ranger."

It's played about 10 times a day on PAX, I think. Chuck is brilliant, a genius, and he kicks butt.

Dave Cavalier said...

I'd need to get cable to get PAX.


Chrispy said...

Perhaps it's played somewhere else.

I will work tirelessly to find out, as you must not be denied your Chuck.